Need help building budget gaming PC for Skyrim and DayZ

Hi, I'm new to PC gaming and this will be my first computer build. I want to build a budget gaming PC that will be able to run Skyrim on Ultra with mods and DayZ on settings as high as possible where I will get decent frames per second. I also plan for my PC to be capable of running future games, so I'd prefer it if the components were future proof, if possible.

I have done a little research about the AMD FX-6300 and have read that it is great for value, so I would like the build to be based on this CPU.

My maximum price for this build is £500 (less if at all possible) excluding the OS, Monitor and other peripherals, but if anyone could recommend any peripherals that are good for value then that would be great.

Thanks. :)
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    The AMD FX-6300 is a great CPU, it'll last you awhile. I have it in my gaming PC and it works great.

    This should get you going for a bit, it'll run both games on Ultra high. Someone might recommend a better video card for the cash but the total of this build came out to £495.78. With a little research on different sites you may find better deals on the same hardware. Feel free to message me with any questions, good luck!
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