Need Help! I don't know whats wrong but I built this Custom Gaming PC and that it work but today It won't turn on it worked...

It worked earlier but when I got back home, I turned on my computer and doesn't turn on at all.. I don't know what to do now :(

My Specs:

PSU: CX 600 W
CPU/APU: A10 7850K
GPU: GTX 650 2GB
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    If it's not even spinning fans, open the case and see if the LED of the motherboard is on, if not, make sure the power cable is correctly place in the PSU and in the socket wall, also make sure the PSU is turned off if it has an on/off switch.
  2. When I turned on my pc the LED Fan only turn on for a split sec and than went off.
  3. Nvm solved. The USB 3 pin thingy was loose T_T thanks for the help :D
  4. Glad to see you solved your problem.
  5. ^-^ Thanks for the help though
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