Unexplained CPU Spikes.

I've recently noticed CPU spikes during start up and randomly throughout the day. I'm concerned because I can't find a cause. Task Manager doesn't register any apps or services using that much CPU. I've done multiple malware checks with no hits.

Any suggestions?

Alienware Aurora R4,
Corei7-4820K 3.7GHz,
2x SLI nVidia GeForce GTX 760,
Windows 8.1,
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  1. there are many reasons, if your connected to the internet it might be windows update checking the database. unless your having performance issues then in all likelihood normal.
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    It could be your antivirus software. I have Avast and sometimes I notice that my cpu usage shoots up for about 5-10 minutes and I figured out what it was. Unless it cripples your machine I would worry about it.
  3. There is no noticeable performance impact.
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