gtx 770 sc, very low OC ceiling, maybe high temps.

evga gtx 770 sc specs are 1111mhz core, 1163 boost.

Using Thor v2 case (2 intake and 2 exhaust fans)
60 degree Fahrenheit ambient temperature
using heaven benchmark maxed, furmark and precision x test function.
No overvolting
During heaven benchmark stock specs hover around 70C.

max only gpu clock gain is +57mhz (going higher either gives me 80+ temps or the card will just go back to stock specs even if temp is 60C or 70C)

max memory only clock gain +263 (going higher will produce 80+ temps or just make card revert to stock specs)

max combined clocks, +44mhz gpu, +175mhz memory.

Now from what everyone else has been getting this is low, some people get +120mhz gpu clock and +400 mhz core clock without overvolting but everyone else is getting a minimum of +70mhz gpu and +250mhz core clock. And they are staying in between 60-70C
Why is my threshold so low?

During furmark and precision x test function the card at stock (default) settings always gets to 80C and gpu boost 2.0 throttles it. This is what concerns me. From what I have read my factory specs should not be getting me into the throttle temperature range, especially with a good airflow case like the thor v2.

what could I be doing wrong/ and or be wrong with the card?
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  1. nothing is wrong with the card. it functions as designed. there is no guarantee you will get one that overclocks or boosts well .

    if you think it is operating out of spec then RMA it. its that simple
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    Overclocking is the luck of the draw. As every piece of silicone is slightly different.
    Some will overclock like crazy and others no overclock at all above factory specs.
    Most people who overclock also overvolt to reach stability at higher speeds.
    2 intake and 2 exhaust means nothing if they are 30 CFM fans. that is not enthusiast overclocking cooling. Your video card is dumping a lot of heat in the case and it needs to be removed as quick as possible. Otherwise it just gets recycled into the video card fans and you are trying to cool it with hot air.
  3. I run a positive pressure case. 3 intake fans@267CFM with filters and 4 exhaust@162CFM no filters. With all rear pci slot covers removed. There is a lot of heat coming out the slot covers from the video cards.
    If I install the slot covers my CPU temp jumps 5 degrees. as the heat from the video cards rises and is pulled through the cpu fans.
  4. ah ok, ty everyone. I understand luck of the draw with the card one receives and overclocking but the stock settings always topping 80C and throttling on precision x test and furmark was very concerning too me. But maybe im overestimating my case's airflow ability. As long as everything is up to specifications on card design then im happy.
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