1TB WD Black, Question about delays and if its failing

So I have a 1 TB WD Black and lately my computer became slow because of it. So I use HDD regenerator to fix and scan bad sectors. So far it only found 729 bad sectors and all was recovered/remapped. And the delays found were 144,388 which is just 0.0006925783306091918% of the total 1,953,520,065. So my question is should I also repair the delays or I'll just leave it then? Will it be a hindrance when I access my files on my Hard drive? Thanks in advance.
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    If you're actually seeing bad blocks it means that the drive is failing fast. Make a backup and replace the drive.

    All drives ship with a hidden area that is used by the controller to automatically map out bad blocks invisibly as they occur. The table is sized to last the expected life of the drive. When that table fills and the bad blocks become visible to the user it means it's time to replace the drive ASAP.
  2. So it won't really be fixed by using HDD Regenerator then?
  3. No. There's nothing you can do to resurrect that drive.
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