Just bought a new laptop and the Wierless card is acting really wierd.

So my card will work maybe 15- 20 percent of the time and show my home network and i am able to connect and browse the internet just fine. But after about 5-10 minutes it disconnects from the network and it wont find any networks at all and i have to restart my computer and about half the time it will work again. Im running windows 8 btw on a lenovo g505s.
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  1. Assuming you know for a fact your router is not the issue, I would try updating the WLAN driver first, just to make sure it is not software:
  2. I Tried that already and to no availe. It starting to really piss me off! Do you have any other suggestions?
  3. Have you already tried the Lenovo One Touch Restore. This should bring all system files back to brand new. It won't erase any files: pics, movies, music or new programs, it just restores system files. If you do this and you still have problems, are there any other wireless devices in you house you can turn off to test if they are causing interference, like land-line wireless phones or wireless security cameras ( X10 stuff ). Maybe a neighbor has some wireless stuff messing with your signal.
    The restore feature is on page 27:
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