Budget Gaming PC/steambox ! urgent! help plz

Hi guys. Im planning to build a new pc. I will use processor from my dell optiplex 9010 which is an i5 3470 3.2ghz. I can also use the 500 gb segate barracuda 3.5 7200 rpm Hard Drive. The thing is i want a pc build for abt 300-350$ and the case SHOULD BE a cm elite 130 or 120. Plz choose parts from these websites. (global shipping eligible parts only)

and if some arent available from amazon then from this website :

If u think some more parts can be harvested from my dell optiplex 9010 i5 3470 3.2 ghz 4gb ram plz tell

*My preferences would be CM ELITE 130/120 case
*GTX 750 / 750 ti card
* All parts from amazon and only which aren't available from amazon global shipping eligible such as motherboard from THANXXX IN ADVANCE :D looking forward to this. If u can recommend a cheap gaming keyboard and mouse from amazon international eligible. :) thanx again in advance :) i am a first time builder anytips would be appreciated. PS: i will also use 500 gb segate barracuda 500 gb 7200rpm drive :) sorry for bad english :(
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  1. An ITX motherboard will cost about $100 (I prefer Gigabyte), I guess you could reuse your RAM as well. Honestly though, I could just spend your whole budget on a nice GPU (GTX 760/270X) and put it in the Dell, or waiting awhile and getting a nicer computer ($800-$900). It would be worth it :)

    Motherboard $80:
    Case $50:
    GPU $160:
    PSU $65:
    Total cost: $355

    Here is a 760 as well (Will bring the total cost to around $430):

    Last note: I highly recommend against using SteamOS, as it is very buggy and not very compatible. If you want to try Linux, use Ubuntu or Mint, or just stick to Windows

    Have fun
  2. ^^^ Thanx but do you really think that i should go with a cx500m? Wont a cx430m be enough? And will all this fit in a cm elite 110 cuz 110 looks cubish and small and i like it. Will this build be hard?
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    Yeah, a CX430 would be fine, im running one in my current system (3770k GTX760). If you want to use the CM110 you would have to use an ITX sized graphics card (*1. ) I would recommend the elite 120 over the 110, personally, it gives a bit more room for expansion and cooling (the smaller one will be louder).

    How hard will it be? It will always be harder to build a smaller system than a large one, my first system was a Bitfenix Prodigy (great case, still using one, highly recommend it *2.) which I was able to put together in a few hours. The 120 is a bit smaller than the Prodigy, so... The 110 is even smaller than that, so it will be a challenge. Dont let that deter you though, pick the case you want and work back from there.

  4. Thank you very much! :) i will build this pc after my exams. I think ill go with the prodigy. And the 750 ti is small enough so i think ill use that. :D if i get really good marks than maybe my parents would buy it for me. If not and if i get normal marks ill use my pocket money. Thanx once again.
  5. Anytime :)
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