New SSD Install, old HDD OS problems.

So I installed my OS via windows 8 recovery disk on my new 120gb SSD [Cheap Kingston V300]. I used the method of disconnecting my current HDD that has my OS installed, and installing the OS on my new SSD. I then plugged in my old HDD as a storage drive. I ran into some problems, googled, and found some answers here. Regardless, I am now having a new problem. While trying to install a new game [ESO Beta], the installer told me that it could now install it to that drive due to not having permissions. I am now trying to delete the windows folder that holds my win8 OS in an attempt to disable that permissions prompt and allow my to use it as storage for games I do not want on my 120gb SSD. When trying to delete it says I do not have permission/am not allowed to delete it. Is there any way to bypass this? I just want to use my old OS HDD as my storage drive.
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    What you're running into is NTFS permissions. The old 'user' still has control.
    If you want to completely blow away what is on the old drive...Disk Management. Delete partitions and reformat.
  2. You could also adjust the security settings and ownership on the drive and have all files inherit the new settings to allow you full access to everything on the drive. Unfortunately, this isn't very safe and can very easily lead to incompatibilty with many things. If you HAD to keep the data on the drive that's an option, but USAFRet's solution is the "correct" solution in this situation.
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