Weird audio and sometimes video stuttering issue

Sometimes when i watch a Youtube video, the audio will suddenly go apeshit for about a second.. kinda like a plain low ''error'' tone.. like it's stuttering, and then it will pop back into the regular audio. happens about one every month or so perhaps (maybe longer). Almost the same audio instance happened while playing a game today and the video also stuttered for a second. I built my PC almost a year ago.. I have Windows 7, i5-3570K, GTX 660Ti, 8ram, 1TB HD, decent motherboard i forgot the name, 650w psu. I believe this has probably happened while using different headphones too. Any idea what this might be? Is it something to be concerned about?
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  1. do you have the latest drivers from nvidias website? and your audio drivers too
  2. yes latest nvidia drivers. driver 334.89. I'm not sure about audio drivers, I'm not actually sure if I've ever updated those. I figured it would just automatically prompt me to update them but I've seen no notification..
  3. try to get updates from the site most likely it is realtek but just check to be sure
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