Cloning a Windows 8 HDD Partition

I am building a new PC, with a 60GB Intel SSD for OS, and a 2TB HDD for data. I have a laptop with a 1TB hard-drive with a 100GB partition for Ubuntu. I want to clone my OS(Windows 8.1) and settings onto the SSD, and boot from that on my new PC.

Thank you for your time,
Adrian H
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    It can't be done, Adrian. I assume Windows 8 was factory pre-installed on your laptop?

    If yes, then that Windows installation is tied exclusively to that laptop, as is the Microsoft licence. It would be illegal to clone it for using on a different computer. Technically too, it wouldn't work because all the internal hardware is different.

    You must therefore buy a new copy of Windows 8 for your new build.
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