What is the best bang for your buck on a build?

To build a gaming rig, what is the amount of money that gets you the best for what you pay for?
I have been thinking of building a computer, but I am a pretty new person in the technological scene...
Also, what amount of money should be split where? For instance, should I spend 100$ on a CPU and 300$ on a GPU? Not trying to set any figures, but just trying to give an idea of what I'm asking.

Thanks to any and all who answer.

Edit: So lets say the budget is 2000
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  1. your budget for the build overall
  2. I think it's better for you to give us a budget and we'll suggest you parts.
    In my opinion, if you're looking at a $1000 gaming rig (easier to look at %)
    CPU: $200
    CPU Cooler: $30
    Motherboard: $120
    RAM: $75
    GPU: $400
    Storage SSD: $75
    Storage HDD: $55
    Case: $30-$50
    PSU: $70

    About there.
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