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So hi my problem is I want to connect a third monitor on my computer but can't figure out how. So on my video card I have 3 output one is a DVI output the other one is an HDMI output and I can't figure out what is the other one it's really similar to the HDMI output but it's not the same. So my main monitor is already connected to my DVI output and I have a flatscreen connected with an HDMI cable to the other output. So theres only one VGA output but it's the onboard graphic card output and when I try connecting my third monitor into it it doesnt show off in any dual monitor settings. I've tried looking on the internet but here comes the real problem, almost every solution I've found on the internet is to to change the settings in the chipset tab in the BIOS but I've looked everywhere and can't find chipset settings in the BIOS or anything similar. The only thing I've found related to my problem is "Enable Intel multi monitor option" or something like this but even with activating it nothing changed. So I want to know if there's a third party program that can help me out with my problem, if I need like to change my BIOS version or something or if my problem is unsolvable. I did find in device manager under "Controller IDE ATA/ATAPI" the device "Intel(R) 7 series/C216 Chipset Family SATA AHCI Controller" but I don't know if it's related with the chipset tab in the BIOS menu.

I have an AMD Radeon HD 7770 video card but I can't find what is my onboard graphic card is.

PS: Sorry if I don't use the right terms in my explanations
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    The third port on your card is called a DisplayPort. Basically its just another standard. They make adapters that allow it to be changed over to other types. Normally a $20 adapter will change it over to DVI or similar. That should allow you to use all three ports directly from your card
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