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Hello all,

I am having a little issue here: I recently built myself a new desktop, put windows 8 on it, switched to a Microsoft account and it works great! I totally love it... But: I also have a laptop with windows 8 hooked up to the same account and since the keyboard on my desktop is a Belgian (French) layout (I should've payed more attention to that, but it's not that different) and the keyboard on my laptop is a Belgian (Period) layout, everytime I boot up the other device it switches to the layout that was last used and this is really annoying. Is there any way I can disable this feature?

Thanks in advance,
Guillaume Bonheure
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  1. Nevermind, found it :)
    Just go to the charms bar -> Settings -> change PC Settings -> Sync your settings
    Hope this helps ;)
  2. lol
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