GTX 760 strange fps and heat

so i have tried 3 different drivers and what happens is the fps is normal and the temp is about 28C idle. around 55C in game, but after about 20 min it goes to 60C and locks there and wont go down. no matter how high i put the fans another strange thing is that when i open msi after burner, and keep it open it wont act up for like 40 mins.
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    Do you have by any chance another fan control program installed ?

    I had similar issue with my Corsair Link trying to control my GPU`s fans and failing at it by keeping them at the lowest RPM settings and getting thermal throttle like you describe, i`ve just put my Corsair Link in default mode on GPU fans and (i have evga GTX760) Evga PrecisionX fan control in auto. Everything is normal now.
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