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Good day lads, apologies for last time of swearing on the website from my frustration. This very day I my last hope of doing a exorcism on my BSOD and freezing pc had ended :'D. (Sarcasm) I tried to fix it for the last time, nothing got fixed :/.

Now im completely over it and have made my plans on building my own rig, in my opinion after you guys have read my Word.doc the system will be rated as a low budget hardcore gaming rig (dont laugh ;) ).

I just want to ask you fellas here if you can confirm that all the parts i am buying and already own are compatible with the kind of motherboard i have decided to go for and case etc. Please if you have any suggestions on any different products for me to buy (but please dont waste my time with suggesting a graphics card $100 more expensive then my budget) (budget is low) do suggest them. Also I don't know if its worth mentioning it but I live in Australia.

So yeah guys id just like to make sure that what i intend on buying during the next few weeks (must get the $$$ first) will work properly and function. Umm hahahah ok i just tried to find a way to upload a .doc file but cannot :'). Sorry if this is long but ill just copy-paste this

Parts that I still NEED:
1. Motherboard
2. Case
3. CPU (this however will depend weather it is priority 3 or 6-7+ once motherboard is bought, current cpu: AMD 2.66ghz 4 core (CPU fan unknown if faulty or working, but spins)
4. 400gb or 500gb or 1TB HDD (not external)
5. Sound Card (might come with motherboard)
6. Ram of 2-4gb still needed to help out with the 4gb that is already owned
7. Graphics Card of DDR3 1gb, DDR4 1gb or DDR5 512m-1gb also essential but not highest priority
8. Possibly a Network Card as the current is unknown if compatible with most motherboards
9. Key board not very necessary, better mouse however is necessary

Parts that I OWN:
No real order in value:
1. Graphics Card NVIDIA GEFORCE GT 240 (1gb)
2. PSU of 680w + a PSU (slightly weaker) of 600w (Also power supply cords x2)
3. 4x HDD’S (however only 2 are somewhat large- the 160gb and 200gb, rest are smaller)
4. CPU and CPU fan (however is questionable for upgrade)
5. WIFI Card (however is questionable for upgrade)
6. 4x Disk Drives (all are very usable, no upgrade required but will require a big pc case)
7. SD card reader + extra slots including USB (this is all x2) (no upgrade needed)
8. Connecting cords (RED) x2 (usable for HDD’s and Disk Drives)
9. Keyboard + Mouse
10. Connecting cords (long tape-like cords) x3 (usable for HDD’s and Disk Drives)
11. VGA cable x2 + DVI cable x2 (HDMI is lowest priority for buying at the moment)
12. RAM x4 (however only 2 (2gbx2) are truly usable , rest are rubbish)
13. Monitor of 1366x1268 (I believe that is the resolution) (widescreen) (no upgrade necessary for now)


Following is all the priorities prices and places to buy. GIGABYTE GA-F2A88X-D3H FM2+ / FM2 AMD A88X (Bolton D4) HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX AMD Motherboard -- $87.99 (+10 $$ for 1 year insurance NZXT Tempest 210 CA-TP210-01 Black Steel / Plastic ATX Mid Tower Computer Case $49.99
--OR— Black SilverStone Redline Series ATX Mid Tower Computer Case RL04B $46.99 AMD A4-5300 Trinity 3.4GHz (3.6GHz Turbo) Socket FM2 65W Dual-Core Desktop APU (CPU + GPU) with DirectX 11 Graphic AMD Radeon HD 7480D AD5300OKHJBOX $54.99 (comes with low on board graphics) DT01ACA050 HDD 3.5" SATA3 500GB 7200RPM
$58.99 New 4GB PC3-10600 1333Mhz 240pin DIMM DDR3 Memory For AMD CPU 880G 890GX Chipset $32.90
NVIDIA GT610 1GB Gigabyte PCIe Video Card PN GV-N610SL-1GI $45 Roccat PYRA - Wired Mobile Gaming Mouse,

$349 dollars
+70-80 dollars postage
+40-60 dollars on keyboard and sound card or network card

Thank you very much if you chose to spend your time helping me by reading this long thread, any suggestions and confirmations are very appreciated, take care, Leon
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  1. It's hard to build a pc for that much in my opinion, An AMD Apu will probally do better than that build
  2. Hmm mate you did not quite answer my real question but thanks for the suggestion, only thing i could find was and

    However you can clearly see that is a little bit off- my price range, and yeah. I could possibly add my current graphics card in as well to the motherboard but I have got no idea if it will be compatible, and i am trully too lazy to research the motherboard on both of those as I honestly don't feel im going to buy a brand new pc. Me and my father have experience building a pc from scratch, but im the only one doing the research. So may you please answer my question of is it all compatible with one another


    That would be a total of 2gb DDR3 dedicated graphics ram right? Only reason i dont want to get the DDR5 is because theyre REALLY expensive compared to DDR3, maybe in future when i own an extra 2-3 hundred dollars ill buy a 1.5gb DDR5 graphicds card. Ive already played with the GT 240 before, and as a matter of fact its not THAT bad. Just Cause 2 is really playable on medium settings (AA stuff are off- in everygame). Arkham City is like 30-40 fps and i dont remember if you could even change the graphics settings, so high graphics, SWTOR on medium-high settings i get 20-40 fps, and on low i could probably hit 60fps. Also Tomb Raider and Far Cry 3 are playable on medium settings (AA off). However Assassins Creed 4 is quite possibly one of the most worst optimized games for windows. Honestly even a 3gb DDR3 would not be able to play 30 fps on low settings, i my self played very low settings for most of game with 15-20 fps, and when i look at sky it immediately goes 60fps (and when i look towards a non-action spot). So with 2x 1gb DDR3 i believe i should be able to double my graphics experience. Thanks again
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    It will all be compatible, your current graphics card will fit that motherboard....
    I would say get higher speed RAM, 1600mhz would be the best.
    With that CPU you can Crossfire it's integrated graphics and one of a discrete card
    RAM in the motherboard will not effect the GPU, unless it's an APU.
  4. Thank you very much for that answer, now i know i will sound like a total NOOB, but i honestly dont know what Crossfire is, im hearing about it a lot though. Is crossfire using both the intergrated AMD Radeon HD 7480D + nvidia gt 240 + nvidia gt 610? Thanks again (and also for the ram they are a little expensive though, but i will do my best to try to upgrade over the months)
  5. I know what u mean about the ram...
    It's not a noobie question we all start somewhere; it's using a AMD Graphics card so it's a future upgrade on a budget :)
    PM Me if you need any thing else :)
  6. Thank you very much for your kind replies,
    take care,
  7. Hmm just got another reply on this thread but not on the website? Stuff up? Bug? Anyway this is an update: as of today 12/03 I am about to get an interview for a traineeship job PLUS + also a possible interview for casual job to get some $$$. Thanks
  8. Yeah there is a bug, i'm getting it aswell.
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