Entire computer freezing while playing 3d Games

Recently while playing games such as ArmA 2 and Minecraft (3d games) my entire PC is freezing, I cannot do Ctrl Alt Del or Alt Tab to get out of it, I just have to hold the power button. I'm really hoping this can be fixed cos I built this PC for gaming (when I get a GPU) and It's no use not being able to game.
My specs are:
Ivy Bridge i5-3570k,
ASRock H77 Pro4-M Motherboard,
Corsair CX600 PSU,
8GB Kingston HyperX Red RAM,
512mb to integrated graphics,
Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit,
No dedicated GPU,
Samsung 120gb SSD,
I have tested the RAM and that's fine and I have also reinstalled the intel drivers and it's not the hard drive, I'm completely stumped...
By the way, the crashes are COMPLETELY random and can happen at anytime. Reinstalling the drivers stopped it for a bit and then it started again...
Thanks in advance.

I think it's overheating. I took off the cooler and replaced it with the stock one and it's running a lot cooler.
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  1. There is not enough graphics memory. Probably the games you play must be killing the integrated graphics, that shoud be the reason it freezes.
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