isnt this fps to low for 3 way 780ti sli

hello this is my first pc build these are my specs
intel core i7 4960x 3.6ghz
nvidai 780ti x3
corsair dominator platinum supposed to be 32gb only shows 16gb on control panel for another time
mother board asus rampage iv black edition
display 2560x1600
my fps

assasin creed balck flag 40fps maxxed settings
world of warcraft in city 40-90fps maxxed settings in city at busy time
witcher 2 maxxed settings 50-60fps 30fps in cutscenes
so arent these to low i mean wow is old as hell
and assasin doesnt rech 60
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  1. Most games don't support SLI.
  2. what really? so ur saying that there was no point in me getting 3gpus
  3. if most games dont support sli how can i check if they do?
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    Here you can see the games that support SLI. They're in different pages, so you'll have to check them all. If the bottom of the game's picture has a checkmark that says SLI, that means it supports it.
  5. Those games that you listed support SLI. Try reducing the resolution, install latest drivers, it might also be a GPU problem.
  6. any other answeres i checked it these games do support multi gpu
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