Is 1TB SSD Good For Gaming ??

Hi Guys ,,, it's me again and im going to build a new gaming pc .. so my question is "is 1TB SSD Good For Gaming" (As Title Says) ?? Answer Please
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    yes in some respects. but the price is ridiculous compared to a 250gig ssd and a 1tb hdd.
    you would at this time be better off buying a smaller ssd and a decent size hdd. as you can always add another 250 ssd down the line if you find you need it.
  2. yeah i know 250gb ssd is good with 1tb hdd but ,, im gonna mix 1tb hdd with 1tb ssd in one .. is that good for gaming ???
  3. Solid State Drives are still not worth the money at the moment.

    If you don't care about money, go buy one but really, its the least value for money component there is at the moment.
  4. I see no need for a 1TB SSD unless you do major editing work otherwise a 250GB SSD is more than enough.
  5. Ya that would be awesome. but for the price you are going to spend on that you could get a 250Gb which will hold most all your games and then slap as many harddrives in there for storage as you want even as a RAID and still save money
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