Asus Optimal mode and GPU Boost safe

Hey my RIG Specs are : I5 4570 , Asus H87 Plus motherboard , 4x2GB Corsair Vengeance 1600Mhz RAM , WD Black , R9 270X toxic GPU

Is asus optimal mode safe for me , and do i actually notice any huge difference in gaming and performance

also , is it okay to switch to GPU boost mod?
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  1. The built in OC's are fairly safe, safer then tinkering yourself when not knowing what to do.

    There will be a slight performance increase in most cases.
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    Same boat as veladem Asus has pretty safe overclocks though i would only use the low or mid clocks though not the high ones to be on the safe side.
    you should see slight improvements but nothing too spectacular don't overclock yourself though if you don't know what your doing learn some more first.
    GPU boost should be fine but most cards already boost themselves so probably won't see any improvements there.
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