What kind of SATA is this hard-disk?

Hi all,
my 7 years old laptop died last year, and I have important softwares and data in the SATA hard-disk of the late laptop.
Now I want to use that hard-disk with my desktop PC. The hard-disk stickers/labels state that it is a SATA disk, however the pins are quite different.

I intend to buy something like 2.5" -to- 3.5" SATA adapter
(or 2.5" SATA -to- USB 3.0 adapter, if Windows XP and Ubuntu 11.10 on that hard-disk can boot from USB 3.0 interface)
or any device that would serve the purpose. But this hard-disk (with 7+15 pins) doesn't seem to fit with the existing SATA adapters.
Here are some photos of the hard-disk:

While the SATA pins in all other hard-disk in my desktop/newer laptops are horizontal, like this:

Please guide me , what kind of hard-disk is this, and what kind of adapter would be required to use this as a regular bootable hard-disk in a desktop PC.

Note: The sticker/label on the disk clearly mentions that it is a SATA disk (5400rpm), and the same was also evident from the BIOS settings of the previous laptop, I had to disable SATA support before installing Windows XP when I got this laptop.
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    Remove the drive from the carrier. What you are seeing is an adapter built in to the carrier that adapts standard SATA to the proprietary connector on the motherboard.
  2. This is a standard 2.5" SATA hard disk, just the same as a desktop 3.5" sata hard drive.
    For you to be able to plug the sata cable to it you have to remove that adaptor fixed onto it, wriggle it abit from the sides and it should pop right out!.
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