Soundmax drivers Win7 Pro 64bit - no mixer panel after installing drivers!

Baffled. I have an old P5W64 Pro running Win7 64-bit Professional.
When I install ANY version of the Soundmax drivers for the mobo it seems to install fully yet for the life of me I cannot find the actual mixer control panel!
I have even tried looking in the Analog Devices folder within C:\Program Files etc. and clicking it does nothing. There is also no folder in the start menu as you would expect.
WTF? It worked a while back but since reinstalling I cannot get it to run for anything. I am no novice to building systems and this has be stumped. Any ideas anyone please?
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  1. Did you get the driver by itself or the driver and the app? Which card do you have?
  2. Hi mate. cheers for replying.
    I have tried both versions from ASUS site as well as the original CD that came with the board.
    Currently I have version installed and it is there but I simply cannot find the mixer panel!

    I have tried all various ways of running it in various modes of different compatibility to no luck either just in case.

    I am using the same Win7 copy I always have - fully legit. It used to install fine so I am very confused here.
  3. The soundmax onboard is the analog devices soundmax integrated ADI1988B far as I know.
  4. have to add here that I DO have sound fully, no issue there, the problem is no actual soundmax mixer GUI at all anywhere after installing any of the drivers I have found, even ones that worked before.
  5. SOLVED! Bloody hell this took me a while to figure out!
    it was an issue with signed Vs unsigned drivers (isn't it always).
    for anyone else having this issue you need to remove any soundmax drivers first then reboot.
    then get the SoundMAX HD Audio Driver from here:


    Works like a dream! Got my EQ back, the lot. Happy day!
  6. Glad to hear all is well, enjoy!
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