How Install SSD on PC without having original HDD nor OS

My PC is an HP Pavilion Elite and the original HDD crashed. I never made a recovery disc. I sent off the HDD to salvage the data and I will not get back the HDD . Now I've got a new SSD Samsung 840 EVO 250GB to install. Then I'll install new Windows 7.
I've hooked up SSD and turned on PC. I get this message...

PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable
PXE-MOF: Exiting Intel Boot Agent.
Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device.

I have unplugged the SSD and tried the other connectors. Same message as above.

I have pressed F10 to go into Setup. It lists SSD as the 1st Drive.
Under Boot Device Priority is this...
1st Boot Device [CD-Rom Group]
2nd Boot Device [Hard Drive Group]
3rd Boot Device [Floppy Group]
4th Boot Device [Network Boot Group]
So I made the Hard Drive Group the 1st Boot Device and then got the same message...

I have pressed ESC to go into BOOT menu and it lists this...
hp DVD D DH16D5S
IBA GE Slot 00C8 v1322
Samsung SSD 840 EVO
So I selected the SSD and then got the same message...

I have put in the CD-ROM for the SSD and then got the same message...

Can anyone understand what is the problem and provide me with the steps to correct this please?
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  1. You need a Windows installation disk, plain and simple. Obviously, without that you can't install Windows.

    And before you ask, you have to 1) use the disk that came with your computer, 2) buy a Windows installation disk yourself, or 3) call HP and ask for a replacement installation disk.
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    You're getting that message because you have no OS to boot from.

    Do you have a valid Windows 7 installation disk?
    If the DVD drive is first in the boot order, and the disk is in the drive, it should boot into the Windows installation.
  3. Shouldn't you be booting from the Windows Install DVD (the DVD drive)? It is looking for a boot sector when you select the SSD, and it doesn't find one so it goes to the next boot device, the network PXE boot. If it is not finding the DVD, try clearing the CMOS with a jumper, so that any network boot order back to default. Sometimes BIOS don't take settings. Also, some BIOS have a setting to tell it when you are installing an OS so it unprotects the boot sector. Also, try disconnecting a DVD drive, so you know it's booting from the right DVD drive. I assume these are SATA optical drives, and there is no master / slave setting.
  4. Ok I have a Win Install DVD and I'll put it now. I just thought I had to somehow install the SSD first, and Windows second...
  5. brw614 said:
    Ok I have a Win Install DVD and I'll put it now. I just thought I had to somehow install the SSD first, and Windows second...

    Well, yes. The SSD has to be connected first. But you have to boot from the Windows installation disk to install Windows.
  6. Thank you so much! Installing now!
  7. in asus vivobook s400 ca.i want to replace the hdd with an ssd(128g transcend 320).after putting ssd in the sata socket and turn on the notebook nothing load from dvd ram biose setting are properly true.and bios detect my ssd and description it in sata configuration.
    please help what should i do to use my ssd as a internal hard
    what do u mean to put windows on my ssd first?do u mean to ransfer the partion with its operating system with a cable from hdd to ssd
    and then replace theme in motherboard sata socket?

    - Have you set bios so that the DVD player is the boot drive? yes
    - Have you removed the hdd? yes
    - Have you installed the ssd? yes
    my vivobook s400ca only have an hhd and 24 g ssd as a cash with no dvd drive.(i use external dvd drive).
    i want to replace hhd with sdd(128gig transcend320)
    thanks again
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