I need a driver for my Iomega HD that will run in 64 bit for the 160gb 2.0 exterior usb hd.

When I run my disc that has the driver that came with my Iomega HD it says, The drive that ships with this CD is not supported by Iomega under 64 bit windows. Iomega suggests you install this drive with a supported operating system. Can I install and 32 bit version of windows on my 64 bit system? I mean ever since I bought my computer I`ve had this exterior hd on my system and all of a sudden the driver is gone and it won`t reinstall?
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  1. Hi

    Is this a standard USB 2.0 external hard disk ?
    If so the drivers are part of windows from XP onwards
    And no driver from CD is needed

    (Needed for win 98, 2000 or possibly old mac)

    Check the drive is working in other PC's or other USB ports on your PC

    If not a standard USB drive give full model number
    Is this a 2.5 " or 3.5" drive?
    Has it worked in this PC before?

    Mike Barnes
  2. Yes it worked before in my PC. Ever since day one when I bought this computer 4 years ago. Its an Alienware Aurora 64 bit. Has windows 7 OS, 6 GB ram, dual video cards and liquid cooling. (gaming system). Is it possible to get the 32 bit driver back to run in my 64bit system. I checked all the cables and there all plugged in tightly with green lights on them and hard drive confirming a good connection. I just don`t understand why the CD I got with the hard drive will no longer accept install the drivers?
  3. It`s the Iomega 160 gb 2.0 usb exterior hard drive model # LDHD160-U (Serial # FPAF514AN0) I`ve tried it in my other usb ports with no luck and I have other devices running in them ports as well and they are all working correctly. Please can someone help me with this fix it`s driving me crazy.
  4. HI

    You can not use 32bit drivers in a 64 bit Windows
    secondly your Iomega CD is giving you misleading messages as Win & does not need drivers
    The cd had programs to run backup under Windows & Mac OS
    drivers for old operating systems such as Win 98 or ME
    since this is a old external Hard disk the CD probably does not support 64bit Windows

    Try the drive in a different Windows PC
    (prefferably not a laptop as often they can not put enough power into their USP ports 0.5A)

    If it still does not connect either the drive or the USB to SATA interface circuitry is damaged
    If you are lucky a USB to SATA interface & case will get it working again

    Mike Barnes
  5. I understand your answer, but then why was this HD working in my 64 bit system since back in April of 2010 and all the way up to now. All the warning lights and lights on the hard drive are green as well. I mean if it was faulty wouldn`t they either not come on or flash in yellow or orange or not come on at all?
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