AMD A10 vs. Inter core i7 4700MQ (with NVIDIA) & Laptop brand advice

I would like to buy a laptop mainly for internet use, gaming (like Hitman & Mafia), & watching movies.
I am note sure whether to get Intel core i7 4700 MQ with Intel HD 4600 graphics or AMD A10-5750M with 2GB AMD Radeon HD 8750M Discrete, but I can exchange the Graphics of the Intel from the Intel HD graphics to NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M Graphics with 2048MB.
Also same specs what do you rank as the top 3 laptop brands?
Thanks for your help.
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    The i7-4700mq with a GT740m would be twice the computer the A10 would be. I don't pay much attention to brands as they all have the same internal parts. People tend to hate Gateway but my 9 year old Gateway laptop still works perfectly and is still usable today(meaning it's not that slow). I currently use a Del XPS that I've also been very happy with. My wife has a little Asus that's been good too.
  2. Can anybody recommend any laptop under $800 which has NVIDIA graphics card and is touch screen as well?
  3. It would be hard to get all those specs alongside a touch screen for $800 (its hard enough to find a i7 with a 740m alone for that price!) but this is the only touch I could find and its $170 over your budget,
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