Will the stock cooler be cool enough on the i5-4670?


I'm building a computer for a friend. I've always been a bit of an enthusiast and have gone with aftermarket heatsink options for my builds. I'm wondering if you think the stock cooler on the 4670 will be sufficient as far as keeping it cool. Obviously, this chip isn't going to be overclocked. Have any of you had experiences with using the stock cooler? I would automatically get him an aftermarket cooler, but he's already reached his budget as far as components he wanted to buy. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated, both as far as noise and cooling capability. Thanks.
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    If it isn't going to be overclocked, the stock is sufficient.
  2. The stock cooler is at least good enough to meet Intel's 3-years warranty requirements.

    My experience with Intel's plastic push-pin HSF is that they last for ~4 years before the plastic loosens too much to provide sufficient contact force to maintain good heat transfer.
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