Is my new HDD bad or is it something else I'm not seeing

Hello all, I have come to this site by google a few times now for other reasons and now am in a bit of a bind. I see lots of similar problems but mine seems just slightly different and any help would be appreciated.

Mobo - EVGA P55
CPU - i3 550 Clarkdale 3.2GHz LGA 1156
PSU - Zephyr MX 750W
Mem - ADATA DDR3 1600 (2x2)
Graphics - MSI GTX 560 Ti 2.0 GB Twin Frozr II
HDD 1 - Hitatchi 7200 1tb 3.0 GB/s(original hdd)
HDD 2 - Seagate 7200 1tb 6.0 GB/s(new hdd)

I bought the new seagate a few months ago and just got around to installing it. I bought it solely to hold my steam stuff as it was getting too large for the other drive. I installed it with no problems and moved the 400+ gigs of data to it without a hitch. Everything loaded fine, BIOS recognized it, formatted fine...basically no issues. Then about two days ago or so (2/28-ish) I kept getting random little freezes where my mouse wouldn't move for about 10-30 seconds. Happened rather un-frequently so I didn't bother much.

Today however it started happening about every 5 min or less. I did some searches to make sure I didn't miss anything when installing or find a similar problem. Found some things about freezing and issues with bad drivers and what not. I have not run anything on the drive as I'm not sure how to just check that drive (my OS is on the original drive and the new one is just for memory so I'm unsure of how to test the new one only as the old one is just fine). I thought it might be the cable as I just savagely cannibalized my wife's very old (2005ish) computer for the SATA cable because it didn't come with one and I had no spare, but in searching it doesn't seem like there is much difference in cables.

Unplugged the new drive and everything works just fine like it did before I installed it. No freezing at all and going on over 3 hours of it. So I have pinpointed it to the drive, but now basically what can I do from here to see if it's a bad drive, or something to do with the massive data transfer to make sure everything is kosher with it before I start delving into the circle of hell that is customer service.
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    Download Hirens boot cd run full hard drive tests on both drives. Best way to be sure :)
  2. moulderhere said:
    Download Hirens boot cd run full hard drive tests on both drives. Best way to be sure :)

    Thanks, I will give that a try and see what comes up!
  3. Hi

    Also get a new sata III data cable and check power cable fully home
    There may be some difference between sata I & sata III cables

    Seagate do a downloadable image of dos diagnostics which will be a much smaller download than Hirens ISO (few Meg's against a few hundred Meg's)

    Check if new hard drive is very hot
    Is there any space above & below drive ?

    Mike Barnes
  4. Mike,

    I already downloaded Hirens, DL speeds and space is not an issue so I have that, just gotta get it onto a CD now.

    When I unplugged the new HD, it was a little warmer than I expected. I have 6 bays and currently, the two I have are at the top directly next to each other. Maybe I'll move one down a peg or two and see if the space doesn't help the heat some as I have plenty of power cord reach as well.

    Another thing to note that I just remembered, is I have my old drive and the new one chained on the same power cord, and the DVD drive on a new one. (Had the DVD and HD on same one but the cord just isn't quite long enough to do all three). Does that have any importance to it? I put my computer together and as far as getting things up and running, I have no problem, but my experience is limited with new installs and upgrades and google can only take you so far sometimes.

    I really appreciate the help all!
  5. The best diagnostic program for a Seagate drive is Seagate's "SeaTools". Since this is a secondary drive, you can run the Windows version. Highly recommended!

  6. I would suggest to just make sure everything is okay and this maybe a waste of time to some people. Though I say do it anyways. Test your ram with memtest to ensure it is okay.
  7. I will probably try all of these things. Starting with a new cord, then memtest, then seagate test, then Hirens. I figure if i can make sure it's not anything else other than the drive itself, it will make my life much easier. Thank you all so much for the advice. I'll post back early this week with my findings. That way if anyone has this same problem hopefully they will find it

    Moved drive to another bay further from other drive
    During all the tests and running the drive, it did not go above mid 40's (Celsius) using CPUID Monitor
    Replaced the Sata cord with a new 6.0 GB/s cord
    Ran extended memtest 5 times with no errors
    Ran seagate test with the "SeaTools" ....
    Ran S.M.A.R.T. Check - Passed
    Ran Short Drive Self Test - Passed
    Ran Short Generic Test - Passed
    Ran Long Generic Test - Passed
    Did not run Advanced Tests as it warned of losing data

    I am going to run the drive for a few days and see if it was just the cable. If the freezing persists, I will run Hirens and maybe even move my files to another drive to try the Advnaced Tests on SeaTools. I really do appreciate all the help! Here is to a long HDD life!
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