FX-8320 4.6Ghz Stable Overclock @ 1.38v

So I've got my FX-8320 stable at 4.6Ghz and 1.38v. It's maximum core temp is 60°C and socket temp is 70°C as reported by HWMonitor.

I have a Sabertooth 990FX rev1 motherboard so it can handle more yet.

My question is: where do I go from here? Do I try 4.7Ghz to match the FX-9590 or will I start seeing dangerous temps? Is it even worth the heat to run this high?
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  1. Nice!

    I think you already know the answer to your question though. You're temp limited. I reckon you could hit 4.7 - IMO you're fine up to 75C socket, especially at load which doesn't reflect normal usage.

    Which cooler are you using? Just curious.
  2. I have an H60 2013 set to exhaust out the back with Antec Formula 7 paste, 140mm fan exhausting out the top. For intake there are dual 120mm fans up front and a 120mm fan on the side.

    Honestly, 60°C is plenty warm for me and I'm in the neighborhood of the 9590 so I'm happy seeing as how this chip is half the cost. May try to push 4.7Ghz just to see if I can :)
  3. Well, I switched to an original Rev1 Asus Sabertooth 990FX and was able to push my 8320 to 4.8GHz at a maximum temperature of 55°C--amazing what a better motherboard can do for ya

  4. What about your socket temps?
  5. Socket didn't go past 61°C, it's rather amazing--on the ASRock modo it'd hit 70°C at 4.5GHz...
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