Asus HD7770 2GB GDDR5

Recently finished my first build and everything was working fine until I let windows 7 do its updating. I let it run overnight and left it shut down. The next day when I tried to turn it on I got a beep code and the Dr. Debug on my motherboard told me it not reading the graphics card(after I got help on here). So I tried another PCIE slot and it wouldn't work, then tried another card and that worked. With the second graphics card in there i updated the drivers for my original card. When I put the original back in it still did not work and I still got the beep code and Dr. Debug that said it was the card. My question is does that mean that the card is not going to work? Or is there a way that I can reset all my settings and see if I can get this card working again?

I have an Asrock 990fx extreme9 motherboard, Patriot Viper 16 GB RAM, AMD FX8320 processor, Corsair H60 water cooler, Corsair RM850 power supply. I can list more parts if need be. Just want to know if I need to replace the card or if there is a way to fix what I have. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. If the computer works with another card, then the original card is likely faulty.
  2. rma that hd 7770 .
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    @computernoob3417@ Hey mate i had the same problem with my gtx 550 ti. First you need to restore your system to latest working order, (see it on youtube) and then shut the computer down and insert the 7770 in. After boot it should work again. I had win 7 as well and ive did the updates when it told me to reboot (so i did) no display at boot and i got the (Dr.Debug) beep as well. This dosent neceserally says that the graphics card is foulty it means that there is something wrong with it or the system.

    What i would do is: (This only works if you have an Intergated Graphics card in your motherboard)
    1. Insert the working card in.
    2. In the bios change the video output from PCI-E to Intergrated graphics card.(Connect the monitor cable to a buit in graphics card.)
    3. Shut down the pc again.
    4. Insert the 7770 back in.
    5. Start the pc and in the bios restore your system to the last working version (The 7770 must be inside as well)
    6. The pc will have its drivers e.t.c from befroe the updates.
    7. Reebot
    8. Then again change the video output from Intergrated card to PCI-E.
    9. Reboot again

    The graphics card should now be working, and if not rma is your other option.
    And how to restore system (Search it on youtube) you must look for the same version of your bios.

    Hope it will help

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