best graphics card/sli/or crossfire: setup for under 600$

I have a build for 1450 that i want to spend and all my other parts add up to to $880 looking to see which graphics set up will be the best for that price .....if its like 10, 20 bucks more thats fine but i dont wanna go much higher
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  2. Gam3r01 said:

    any particular brand or type
  3. EVGA or ASUS. They have the best quality and coolers. (EVGA has better customer service, ASUS has a slightly better cooler)
  4. Get the 780 Or SLI 2 760s Or if you want amd get the R9 290
    From Asus, Gigabyte Or EVGA
  5. The first one has the reference cooler, which runs much hotter compared to the ACX.
  6. thanks guys :)
  7. If I were you i would just wait a little bit or downgrade a part of your new rig for this card
    Costs 690$ but considering that the 780ti is the best single gpu on the market it will be woth the extra 90$ I suppose.
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