Why am I getting poor 4K read performance? Four SSD RAID-0 drives

Asus Maximus Hero Z87 board, onboard RAID, i7 4770K, pretty much everything stock. Just did a secure erase and Win 8.1 install.

Four drives, all Kingston HyperX 3K 120GB drives. As you can see, my benchmarks are all pretty good except for my 4K read performance.

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  1. It looks like those drive just don't like short que depths for 4k is sure your stripe and everything are set up right though because thats not much faster than my 840 EVO with RAPID yours should scream with 4 ssd in raid 0
  2. So what setting should I be looking to adjust?
  3. Nitrousbird said:
    So what setting should I be looking to adjust?

    My first thought would be change in stripe size but you would have to break the array for that. otherwise maybe try a TRIM real quick. honestly though I've never heard a 4 SSD RAID 0 array though might be bottleneck trying to split those tiny files across 4 drives.
  4. I was thinking about this the other day and I'm pretty sure what you did is wrap the variable used to keep track of the reads and writes.
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