What kind of thermal paste should I buy?

I recently bought a Zalman Dual Fan CPU Cooler( for my first pc build. I accidentally used all of the thermal paste that came with the fan(I think it was ZM-STG2). I only realized my mistake after I watched some tutorials on Youtube that stated that a bit of paste that's the size of a pea was enough. I have spread the paste over the CPU with a piece of plastic and set the fan over it. I haven't checked to see if it leaked yet but if it has can I use this to clean it?(

I also want to know if I should buy a new tube of ZM-STG2 or if I should buy Arctic Silver 5 or ARCTIC MX-2 ( or
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  1. That cleaner is some of the best. For the paste AS-5 is a leading brand, and MX-2 is up there as well. (Get whichever is cheaper)
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    you can use this or 90% alcohol and a microfiber cloth as you dont want lose threads to get into your sensitive components
    here is a good method on applying thermal paste
    i would use mx-4 there is nocure time as artic silver 5 there is around a 3 week period until it is completely bonded and mx-4 is better than mx-2
    and always make sure you are using a non magnetic screwdriver and also make sure you are grounded so as not to conduct static electricity
  3. The fan has copper base and I heard that some thermal pastes contain some materials that oxidizes with copper and ruins the fan. Will this be a problem for AS-5, MX-2, or MX-4?

    Edit: Never mind, I just found that those pastes don't contain anything that would damage the base of the fan.
  4. to my knowledge mx series does not do that, as-5 does use conductive material and is a reason why the cure time is so long
  5. Oh ok, I guess I'll just go with the MX-4. Thanks for the help!
  6. DefenderII said:
    Oh ok, I guess I'll just go with the MX-4. Thanks for the help!

    no probs glad to help
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