2x HD7850 2gb vs 1 gtx 7702gb

what will give me better performance for the price? i am looking to spend around $400 on the graphics cards. what are the pros and cons of either choices?
plus a friend has 1 7850 he would give me for about $100 (all prices are in australian dollars by the way) so that route looks like a better option to me
my build can be found here:
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  1. Not sure how crossfire is now, but about 4 months ago I tried crossfiring with two exact xfx 7870 black editions and was nothing but a week of headaches and only got it to work on one game for a little bit. Game it worked on was bf4, all other new games nothing. Then within half hour on bf4 screen started glitching and tearing. So went back to just one and worked fine. I have since then sold one 7870 trying to sell other still, but have upgraded to a evga gtx 770 sc dual and love it.
  2. Well since the board says it supports crossfire i would get 7850 and do that be cheaper that way
    but the 770 would still be very close to the 7850's and you wouldn't have to deal with any problems with crossfire
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    Unless you are bitcoin mining, I would personally recommend the 770. While crossfire has slowly gotten better over the years, you still will experience microstutter of some form. On top of that, most people won't need more then 2gb of vram (Although this is likely to change with the release of all these new next gen games.)
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