Win 8.1 and board drivers

Hi guys , recently I tried to upgade from win 7 to win 8.1 but was a complete failure, at the beginning it seemed good but slowly but painfully it stopped working, first signs were errors from event viewer, then freezes and at the end it just wouldn't boot. The freezes were due to a bad wiring within my case and now I also remember that when I installed Win8.1 I forgot to install the board drivers, should I try it again?

Here's my rig:
Gigabyte FXA 990 UD3
Corsair neutron 120gb SSD
3TB Seagate HDD
1TB Hitachi HDD
AMD 8350 processor OC to 4.6ghz
8GB Ripjaws memory to 1.6
850W Corsair silver PSU

Thanks in advance
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  1. Yes, try again, install your OS on the 1TB or the SSD.
  2. Yeah I'm really up to, it's really unlikely that my system is not compatible with win 8.1 right?
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    It should be compatible, I don't see why not. Most likely a borked update or driver somewhere, since you're still fresh ish right now, going back through the install isn't too bad.

    If you still have trouble from there, let us know here on this thread, or from another thread.
  4. Thanks a bunch guys, I'll try it tomorrow!
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