Is my internet connection too slow and will it handle Roku 3?

Ever since we moved to Tipton IN, our internet is slow. However, it's not terribly slow, it holds Youtube at quality 240P and Netflix at about 360P.
I did and internet test and I got:0.30 (301 kbps) mbps download speed and 0.22 mbps (219 kbps) upload speed.
If too many people are on the internet, it is extremely slow and sucky, but whenever everyone else is asleep and I'm on Netlfix, it runs fabulously.
But anyway, our router is 5 years old, is it too old? And is the internet good enough for Roku 3?
Feel free to ask for anymore info.
P.S.I don't know the internet plan (I'm 13, I don't look into this stuff.
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  1. The router isn't too old; I've had an old router from 08 and I've used it fine; just got a new router recently.

    The internet is good enough for Roku 3 but it is pretty slow and it would work really slowly.
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    It is going to depend on what you try to watch. Some things will stall over and over until it figures out how to run slow. Others figure out how to run slower and will be ok. Some like youtube likely will just not work in some cases. unlike a PC you can't use the trick of letting the video buffer and then play it and there seem little control over video quality it selects.
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