PLEASE Read This! I am really in need of assistance... Will You Please help me?

Please help me, I am really need someone's help with this!
My hard drive crashed on my computer and I was not smart, there is no back up for it. Someone gave me another computer that I am now currently using while someone is trying to retrieve at least my photos off of that hard drive, but so far has had no luck, SO I tried to access my pictures I had online in my Kodak Easyshare and it seems there is no way to access them now and that to me seems ridiculous, how can my pictures just be lost in cyber space? Are you able to help me and if so, will you. Pictures are very precious items to me and I hope you can help obtain those memories back. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! :bounce:
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  1. In 2008/9 Kodak changed their Easyshare online storage service to a wholly subscription-based service and deleted all photos belonging to people who did not sign up for a subscription. Not surprisingly, this move made Kodak the brand to avoid in future as far as many people were concerned.

    My thinking is that the only way to retrieve your data from the faulty drive is to send it to a data recovery specialist, but that is very expensive.

    As you said, you were not smart in failing to keep your own backups.
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    Data recovery specialists are scams.... Here's two options for you:

    1. Toss the hdd in a static safe back, SEAL IT COMPLETELY, and then put the hard drive in the freezer for 2-3 full days. DO NOT TAKE IT OUT OR MESS WITH IT, just leave it alone in the freezer.

    After you take it out 2-3 days later, odds are that it will work... BUT this is only temporary, and it will likely die once and for all within a few minutes, usually 20 or so. Quickly plug the drive in after you take it out of the freezer. In my experience it's not even worth taking the time to install it properly, if you don't have an external drive bay, then just hang it next to your case and plug it in.

    There's about a 60% chance of this trick working. If it does, you will have a few precious short minutes to salvage data off your drive, so yank everything you can starting with what's most important, and don't move too many files at once, as some may be corrupted and will interrupt the transfer, eating precious moments.

    Now, if this DOESN'T work, than odds are you have the 2nd of the 2 main causes of failure in hard drives. IF so, freezing it won't help, but there is one last method:

    2: If you buy the EXACT same model hard drive as the one that failed, and take the circuit chip part off, then replace that part on the dead drive, this might fix it as well... This cause of death is somewhat less common for hard drives...

    Now, think hard, did you hear any weird noises from your hard drive? If so, it's probably a problem with the arm inside of it, which means freezing has a very good chance of working.

    Lastly, keep in mind, these are last ditch attempts to salvage data. Needless to say that this should only be done as a last resort and may very well damage your drives more so than they were... However, that said, I've used the freezer trick 3 times, and all 3 times it was 100% successful and I managed to get ALL but 2 pictures that were corrupted out of about 200 gigs of data I pulled, the other 2 drives weren't much different results.

    Also, just so you know, 99% of 'data recovery specialists'... or, pretty much EVERY SINGLE ONE that doesn't charge at least a thousand dollars... Is just a college kid running the bit out of his dorm, and all he'll do for your money is try the freezer trick... Save your money and try it yourself, unless you want an ACTUAL data recovery specialist, which will cost thousands. Anyone offering to do it cheap is just using a freezer lol.
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