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I have 2 IDE drives and a dvd, my motherboard has only 1 IDE (for my dvd) and 4 Sata's. I've bought 2 Sata to IDE converters. Now, how do I set my drives and my dvd? On slave/master or cable select?
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  1. are you going to set both drives via SATA or one drive and one DVD drive?
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    Just try setting them all to Master or Cable Select. None of them will be on the same channel as another
    IDE device, so they can't conflict. It's more important to ensure that your BIOS has the correct boot
    order listed.

    I hope the adapters were cheap; I would just have recommended getting native SATA drives and cloning
    over the data with XXClone or Macrium.

  3. techguy55
    Yes both i would set on Sata
  4. Mapesdhs
    Thanks I would try it.
  5. the drive on IDE would be best used on CS (Cable Select). the SATA drives you plug in, HDD in SATA_0 on mobo, and the last drive on SATA_2 (incase you get a 2nd SATA HDD adapter or HDD)
  6. Techguy55
    Thanks everybody for your help.
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