how do i install my new heatsink on my AM3+ motherboard

Guys i bought a cogage true spirit today and tried to install it in y Gigabyte 970a ud3 motherboard but it wont really mount.

Its an AM3+ motherboard and when i tried to install the heatsink using the push pins it wont really work.

Any idea how to do it?
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  1. That heatsink is not compatible with AMD motherboards only Intel LGA 1156/1366
  2. the manual should state if it is compatible, including the directions on how to install it
  3. The heatsink is compatible with AM3 motherboards, someone from this forum told me that, Ill be god damned if that is not compatible. The manual doesn't have anything about comatibily though it has how to install it but that is not kinda working, it has push pins.
  4. it is kinda helpful but i still dont know how to mount it on my am3+ motherboard, Maybe i have to buy mounting brackets for amd am3 motherboards but where will i get those?
  5. , I've found this but will this make the heatsink fit in my motherboard
  6. You should never have to buy additional items to mount a heatsink if it is compatible. Do you have the manual?
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    "I know this is designed for LGA1366. In fact, it says “CPU Cooler for socket 1366″ right on the box. But I’d like to see some mounting options for other platforms"

    Not compatible with AM3+
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