Re-installed video card not working.

Hey guys,

Recently I fitted a GELID ICY VISION-A to my Reference Radeon HD 7970, when installed it again it didn't work properly, and by that I mean, I assume the PC didn't boot. When my PC boots to windows you can hear the hard drive and a single (short) motherboard beep, this doesn't occur with the card installed nor do I get any signal on my monitor.

I tried a lower PCI-E slot with no success.

I then dusted off my 5850 and tried that, which seemed to work fine.

I don't have access to another build to test the 7970 in, so I'm unsure if I may have killed it somehow (mis-handled it?) during the cooler upgrade.

What are my options from here?

Other Specs:
Intel i5-2500k
Gigabyte GA-Z77x-D3
8gb Ram
Corsair HX-750
Windows 7
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  1. check dem PCI connectors

    it is possible you zapped the card with static from your fingers
  2. try to take it apart and reapply the new cooler following all the steps carefully... did you plug the power connectors? is the fan spinning when trying to boot?
  3. It can be a host of issues with static being the most common card killer. I would try an make sure all connectors are probably plugged within and out of the card.
  4. Yeah the power connectors were in (6+2 and a 6), and the fans spin... at first it didn't sit right in the PCI-E slot, however with some gentle coercing and a fiddle around with the mounting screws at the back (my case has some stupid plastic connectors), it was in fine. Might try re-applying the cooler... I'm not sure if that'll help but worth a try.

    *note that was in the top slot, fit like a glove in the lower 8x*
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