I need help comparing two pre-built PCs, please!

Heya, I'm from Germany and since my laptop is hitting almost 6 years so I'd like to ask for some help for choosing a computer.
Yeah, I'd love to build a PC but after taking the OS, taxes and shipping into account, I'd have to save up before getting it and I wouldn't be saving enough to warrant the ease of buying a pre-built computer.

In the end, I've got two options with these differences:
1) €800
CPU: i5 4570 (3,2Ghz, quad core)
GPU: GTX 760 1.5 GB

2) €660
CPU: Athlon II X4 750K (3,4 Ghz, quad core)
GPU: R9 270 2GB
Also comes with quite a few peripherals, they look decent.

The rest doesn't impact me much, I think. I'm buying it from Otto because I can pay in monthly rates without any fuss and they're close to me. If you happen to know a better place to buy stuff from which also allows monthly rates I'd love to know about them!

Uses: Standard school and surfing, gaming in (hopefully) 1080p.

So, is the €140 difference worth it in performance and is the 1.5 GB VRAM a significant loss compared to 2GB?

While I'm already at it, is this monitor a bad choice?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Yeah, single monitor.

    Hmm, maybe but not by much from Otto. I'll look around though, thanks!
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