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My FX-6300 Vcore is set on auto. I had the turbo settings at 4.5 GHz and I just found out that the CPU Vcore maxes at 1.456 V. Is that a safe core voltage or should I bring down the turbo frequency? What is the max safe Vcore for the FX-6300? Should I turn turbo off and Set Vcore at another value?
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    There actually is no official spec from AMD yet on the 'MAX' safe core voltage for the FX series Vishera core CPUs. However the consensus among OC enthusiasts is to play it safe and stick with the same voltage limit as with the Phenom II series prior to the FX series: 1.55 vCore max

    For 24x7 most will recommend <= 1.475 vCore

    So your 1.456 is fine.

    If you want to get the most out of it while keeping voltages and temps low, search for and read some good overclocking guides for the FX series CPUs. These have a lot more information on BIOS settings, voltages, stability testing, cooling and temps.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Another thing I wanted to ask about is whether I should leave core voltage on auto? It fluctuates from as low as 0.944 to 1.456 although mainly staying between two closer various values under different loads. I read it was dangerous for the core voltage to keep fluctuating like that.
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