Looking to pick up a second gtx 660 for a new 1440p Monitor

I want to SLI my kfa2 gtx 660 ex oc 2gb card with another gtx 660. I like the idea of getting the same card again as it is very quiet and performs well.

The only place with a reasonable price for this card is overclockers (as far as I can see)

But there is also this OEM version from ebuyer which I wouldn't mind (free delivery and cheaper). I could OC this to match the existing card anyway.

Basically I'm just asking if this seems like a good idea?

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  1. Sounds like a good idea, should get good performance.

    I would avoid any gtx 660s with "oem", not because they are bad (they arent) but because they tend to use the GK104 GPU and not compatible to SLI with the regular GK106 Gtx 660.
  2. Ah that would not be good. Thanks for the tip!
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