I was thinking about upgrading my graphics card

I have a Gateway One ZX6970 with an Intel i3 processor and i have Intel HD graphics card which i hate. This is an all-in-one Desktop and I was just wondering what kind of graphics card would i need?
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  1. Well for gaming, id recommend the AMD Radeon HD 7750. It's great imo and doesn't use a separate power connector and only requires 50 watts! You just plug in and play. It can play tons of games on high/ultra settings. Borderlands 2? Highest you can go. Skyrim? Highest it can go.
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    That's the #1 problem with all-in-ones, you can't upgrade either the video card or display. You're stuck with whatever the manufacturer put in it.
  3. Ah, didn't see the "All-in-one" xD.
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