HELP! Downgrade Instructions to Windows 7; Just purchased 7!

I plan on buying Windows 7 Home (64-bit) to downgrade my Windows 8 PC. This is a desktop PC I built over the summer, so it's not a pre-built laptop or desktop.

Can anyone tell me how to do this step by step? I can't find anything online - it's all for the free downgrade option etc.

I just need to know what to do, or is at simple just inserting the new Windows OS 7 disk and going from there?

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    Yeah, pretty much that simple.

    Just have all your stuff copied elsewhere and offline first.
    Boot from the Win 7 install disk, and go for it
    Reinstall all your stuff.
  2. Never heard of a free downgrade option but you insert the Windows 7 installation CD, and during the installation, somewhere along the process, you opt to format your hard drive (I think that should be under "Options" when you choose what HDD to install the OS on).
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