My laptop keeps booting up and saying "Preparing Automatic Repair" then it says "Diagnosing Your PC." After that it says somet

It has been occurring for ten minutes and I need help.
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  1. Your Windows installation might have gotten corrupt. I recommend formatting your hard drive and reinstalling Windows on there. I'm not sure if there's a possible way to backup important files but you could possibly use a SATA-USB cable and hook it up to a working computer and see if that detects it.
  2. Mrrj3 said:
    It has been occurring for ten minutes and I need help.

    You solved it already? I also have the same problem.... Plss help me :(
  3. Make sure to turn it off and as soon as you turn it on, hold down the F9 key, this is for Asus laptops to send you to reboot screen. Find out what F key will be the one that sends you to your reboot screen on your laptop and hold it down as soon as you turn it on. SOLVED. It might tell you it won't be able to work, you just hit the cancel and it will bring you to reboot menu anyway and your all set.
  4. Just install new copy of Windows, too much of a hassle to fix this, really. Just SAVE ALL THE DATA! :) Good luck.
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