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Hi... I had a small problem with the internet connection... Actually while downloading from YouTube (using free make video downloader) my download speed goes up to 2-3mb\sec. but while downloading from other websites or torrents it came around 150-200kb\sec. Is there any solution to make the download speed increase in torrents and other downloader’s?

* I’m using the internet connection provided in my paying guest they are using reliance service provider...
*while downloading YouTube videos I check my network speed using resource monitor provided by windows it goes up to 20 mb but other times it won’t even reach 1 mb.
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  1. If it is a wireless provider then there is nothing for you to do.
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    Torrent files are supplied to leeches (i.e you) for downloading by seeders. So you are downloading the file from a previous leech who has become a seeder once they downloaded the torrent. You are relying on his upload speed. Also if there are more leeches than seeders the download speed will rapidly drop.
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