EVGA GTX 770 that doesnt say its superclocked but i cant find an EVGA GTX 770 that isnt superclocked

So here's the link to the website I want to buy this EVGA GTX 770 its the cheapest I could find it at however I don't know if it is the superclocked model. Can someone tell me if it is or not and if the superclocked makes that much difference. Thank you.
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  1. Hello... "superclocked" is a branding thing... determine the type of fan you prefer External exhaust or Case exhaust... memory size and you will have typical GTX 770 performance... any setting of the GPU/Memory can be changed/customized, with the proper procedure... that is what the "Dual Bio's" is for.
  2. It is not. You can see the base clock speed match with the normal GTX 770 on the EVGA website.
  3. does the superclocked mean that it comes pre overclocked because the superclocked one on EVGA website as your link said is 20 dollars more expensive than the non superclocked. Is it worth it for me to get this superclocked edition?
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    No, you get a box which says SC, and pre-overclocked which is easily done at home. You can save that 20$ if you want.
  5. Yes it is pre over clocked, I think its worth it to get the super clocked edition, you can also buy the Gigabyte version of the GTX770 which also comes with a Factory over clock but Im not sure on the price difference.
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