Please, I need help building a gaming computer!

How will this set up be in terms of gaming?

I7 4770K
Asus Z87-A Mobo
8 Gbs of RAM; Patriot Viper 1600*
Two GeForce 770's in SLI*
750W Cool Master PS
Case is still up for debate.

I am wondering about RAM, should I have 16GB and a higher Mz?
And about my graphics: should I just buy one 690 or Titan?
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    Hi Mikey G,

    This set up is excellent, I would recommend you get that extra 16GB of RAM with a higher clock speed; I think you should get a GTX 690 because it gives you an extra PCI-E slot that you can use for other equipment. If you are running multiple displays I would recommend you get a GTX Titan but it doesn't seem like you're going to do that. Hope this helps you! :)
  2. As far as gaming, that setup would be great. A bit overkill unless your need that i7 for video editing/rendering/ or anything intensive like that. Otherwise you could go with a 4670k i5 and see maybe a fps lower or two vs yours and save about a hundred dollars. Also, two 770's kick butt, but some games don't sli well. I don't know what they are as bf4, cod ghosts, borderlands 2, and all games that I play sli very well. But just keep in mine that sli doesn't always work. But when it doesn't your working off just one card, and even at one card the 770 does a very good job at high end graphics by its own lonesome self.

    Also, don't get the 690 or titan unless you are going to be running multiple monitors, and the titan black just came out so if you were to spend that much on a gpu, get the black. Otherwise id recommend just a 770 for very good high end, 780 will offer ultra on just about everything under the sun single monitor wise. The 780ti will crank out ultra on single or multiple monitors. Titan/titan black and really for 3-4 monitor setups and bragging rights, not so much needed to be able to play.

    Pc 1600 is really all you need for gaming, a bump up wouldn't hurt, but normally not really budget/performance nice.
    Also, 6gb is needed for most games, 8gb is the norm since that means 2x 4gb sticks which are more commen and better off than a 4gb and a 2gb. 16gb is really only needed for intensive programs or activities like video rendering/cad/3d work and such.

    Hope that helps
  3. Hey, thanks for the advice!

    What I am thinking is to just get one 770 for the time being and in the future run it in SLI. To be honest this machine will be for Star Citizen so I am hoping to future proof it as much as possible. With that said, do you think more and more games will use the higher RAM freq/ more of it? And same with the processor, do you think that the I7 will eventually be useful for games? Although I am getting the I7 bundled with the mobo, case , RAM and PS for $700.

    Again, thanks a lot!
  4. Sorry I took so long to reply. In the future 16GB of RAM will probably be standard, the clock speed on it doesn't truly matter but anything 1600+ will be good. Also the i7 will be a good CPU to future proof this setup.
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