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Hey all, 14 months ago I bought the new pc with a '' VGA Gigabyte ATI AMD Radeon HD 7970 OC Core 1000MHz Memory 5500MHz 3GB GDDR5 DVI HDMI miniDP '' now, from a few days when i start windows, when i'm afk, when i'm on internet etc my VGA fans always stay FIXED at 50% with really low temperatures 26-32 ° C . As soon as I start playing temperature naturally increases over 48°C and also the fan gets to 55-60% . The problem is that until a few days ago all was perfect and all 3 vga fans were at 20% while idle without making any noise. Through catalyst control center everything is ok , i mean graphyc overdrive is active and everything in automatic like always; if i put on manual the fan works perfectly from 20 to 100% ... I tried to reinstall the video drivers and checked for virus etc but nothing.I really can't understand what's the problem :/ thanks for your help guys
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  1. i just cleaned up the VGA and all 3 fans and i installed a new version of AMD catalyst control. still having this problem: ( when i turn on the PC the fans goes to 50% (22°C). any suggestions?
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    Try this:

    Download MSI afterburner , install it and there you have an option whit fan VGA fan controll... , disable the "auto" by clicking on it and decrease the usage of fan
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