Can't install windows 7 x64 on Samsung R510H

First of all I wanna apologize for my bad english.

This is my Laptop:
ram- 4gb DDR2
HDD- WDC 320gb 7200rpm
video- Geforce 9200m

When I install the win 7 x64, it randomly crashes on "Expanding" step..., The windows installed succefuly one time, and it boot but when I installed the Nvidia driver i got a black screen so i restarted the laptop from power button, and the windows won't boot until I reinstall windows again...

the CPU supports x64 data :

Securable said this:

But in bios i Don't find something about Virtualization or VMX...

I tried to update my bios from Samsungi Support but I get an error

I downloaded&installed "samsung update plus" , but when i click on "search for updates" , he found nothing.....

What can I do?
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