Keyboard going crazy and typing random symbols, letters, and numbers after cleaning it.

Okay, so I just got a used keyboard (which I tested before and it was working perfectly), so naturally I wanted to clean it out - I used this video > to do so, and all of a sudden upon plugging the keyboard back in it started typing random letters and symbols when I only typed one letter (ex. Instead of "A" it types "A32k") and other menus pop up and the wepage keeps refreshing over and over again - its like everything went crazy!!! Please someone help me fix this - I have already tried taking the dell keyboard apart and putting it back together several times.
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  1. Chances are you plugged a still wet circuit board into the computer.
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    The simplest solution would be to buy a new keyboard. I'm assuming that it's the one that came with your PC? You can pick up a cheap 107 Key (Standard) windows keyboard for around $10-$15US.

    Beyond that, you can let it dry for a minimum of 24-48 hours standing up against a wall, with the short side of the keyboard touching the ground. I did that after my 2 year old dumped my morning coffee all over my Logitech G510, and 6 months later it still works like it did fresh out of the box (I gave it 72 hours to be safe)

    PLEASE NOTE that if you fried circuits by plugging a wet board into your PC, the keyboard is now a paperweight. Drying it is only going to work if the circuitry is intact and the water/solution is only allowing electricity to pass onto unintended circuits.
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